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Admission & Visa Process

Step 1

The Pre-application Process - Making students choice We begin by examining students objective in terms of specialization and career goals based on the information we match needs with the options offered by various universities across the globe. At this point, counselors work with students to zero in on a choice of universities that offer courses ideally suit requirement and resources. Begin students journey as an Overseas Student by clicking to register with here.

Step 2

The Application Process Securing students Admission, Having chosen the appropriate university it becomes essential for students to match its curriculum with academic ambition. At this stage, our counselors are on stand-by to advise students on courses of preparation. In fact, the Application Procedure involves an element of prioritizing & scheduling.

Admission Formalities

Special attention to students application And highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. We assist with References and the 'all-important' Statement of Purpose. They assess students English and where appropriate, recommend waiver of IELTS / TOFEL. The Universities admission tutors consider this recommendation. Ed-Foreign" follow up with the chosen Universities and ensure Positive and Quick Response process.

"Ed-Foreign" also send their recommendations highlighting students strengths and reasons why you should be granted admission. The Universities Admission Tutors consider this in their decision.

Step 3

The Immigration stage becoming an International Student Congratulations! Students have secured their admissions. And, have just begun. Now need to get started on processing the papers for the third stage: the immigration procedure. After admission, this is the most crucial (and delicate) stage. Based on the information that students provide, the Embassy of the country students are heading provides with a visa. At here, we get them started on visa formalities helping to gather papers. Having crossed visa procedures it is now time to prepare the journey ahead. At this point Ed-Foreign is at hand to advise students on the key procedures. In specific cases we even ensure that students accommodation is booked and even the airport pickups are provided. Having left Pakistan for journey shows become part of the selected group of Ed-Foreign students who have gone on to chart their futures in today’s global economy. And, before know it, students are an International Student, with a world of academic opportunity ahead of them.

Visa Formalities

Visa is a key of all process from admission to Visa. At that time we guide and prepare students including applications, financial statements, interviews, Personal Appearances, & everything else! First we make visa interview session with the students to prepare them with knowledge of visa appearance tips, interview skills, question and answer session, university information, course Information, Future Plan.

In second session we provide visa file preparations. This is major part of visa processing. We advise to students to arrange their educational, financial, acceptance from university, Purpose of statements, Cv, property Documents , sponsor details and documents with relation of strong social ties in Pakistan