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Ed-Foreign providing student consultancy services since 1996 and have a lot of visa success stories around the world. We have qualified and professionally trained student consultants who are capable of providing comprehensive information to the prospective students for study abroad destinations.

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TOP Study Destinations

Our aim is to provide students and parents with a well-established worldwide network of quality institutions. Our experienced Educational Consultants will provide impartial and comprehensive information to suit the student's specific requirements. All Students will receive the highest quality advice on overseas study opportunities.
Ed-Foreign Counselors guide to students through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to their profile and / or constraints ensuring them to choose the best career Pathway. They can offer the best options for students based on their results and qualifications and the entry requirements of student’s chosen courses.

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Study in Australia

Australia is one of the best education country in the world with providing EXCELLENT EDUCATION SYSTEM. The students who get education from Australia become unique and creative professionals. Tuition fees and the living expenses in Australia are reasonable as compared to other countries. The standard of living is also very high. Australia is also known for being multicultural since there are huge numbers of people from different countries who have studying in Australia. Australia has a very suitable and peaceful environment for students.

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Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular education country for international students with world class education. There universities are top ranked with providing of high quality of programmes, low tuitions, and affordable living costs. There are high chances to settle after graduating .

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Study in UK

UK higher education systems is oldest in the world and their qualifications are highly recognised by employers in Pakistan and academics worldwide. UK is most popular destination in Europe, which is mostly like due to providing of shorter duration of courses.

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Classes Available

Study in USA

The United States is the number one and largest destination for international students seeking higher education overseas. ... The education system in USA is the most versatile and flexible higher education system for international students in the world.

Study in Ireland

The Irish education system is one of the best in Europe.Ireland is famous as an international hub for high quality scientific research.

Study in Europe

Explore Europe's diverse languages and cultures in a welcoming, social environment. Gain international experience, skills and knowledge highly valued by employers. Benefit from excellent future employment and research opportunities in Europe and beyond.

Study in China

One of the fastest-developing countries in the world, China is a great place to start off or enhance your career. If you choose a master's degree which incorporates work experience, you'll have a chance to gain first-hand experience of work in China, becoming immersed in Chinese culture and business practices.

Study in Japan

There are many good reasons to study in Japan. Some students are attracted by Japan's high educational standards, while for others the attraction is Japan's rich cultural heritage. Nearly 5 million students study abroad annually, with that number projected to continue increasing. With over 150,000 international students, Japan is one of the most popular destinations for international students.

Study in Germany

At the time when higher education is becoming a necessity due to the increased need for highly qualified professionals and cost of attending university are increasing faster, Germany is the only top study destination whose universities charge no tuition fees.

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University Choices

Ed-Foreign has a wide array of University options spread across USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia. Our purpose is to help the student in making an informed future decision according to their Interests, academics and financial capacity. We wants to make sure that the students receive all the help they need to make their future shine bright. We provide a platform where all the information related to studying abroad is gathered in one space to make the decision easier for you.

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MBBS in Abroad

Top Countries

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Students who are looking ahead of pursuing their post-graduation in the field of medicine Russia is the best medical destination among all the countries who are providing Post-Graduation in medicine. Medical post-graduation from Russia is believed to be one of the best and wise options for all the students who want to study PG in medicine in Abroad. The degree awarded the medical universities of Russia after the completion of medical post-graduation is of M.D (Medicine Faculty) or M.S (Master of Surgery).

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Most of us understand how vital nurses are to the modern healthcare field. In fact, Americans consider nursing to be the most honest, trusted, and ethically-sound profession in the United States today, according to a recent survey. It is no wonder why. Nurses are passionate, hard-working, supportive professionals who are always ready to lend a hand. They work diligently in efforts to improve the health of others. They are highly respected by their patients and their medical teams alike.

Courses in Australia

Your journey starts here. Whatever degree you want to study at Monash University – from arts and business, to science and engineering – we’ll help you get there. Start your journey to a world top universities.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What is Watch? How it works?

Watch took center stage at this year's Product Show with a preview of watch OS 2. The next generation of Watch software is packed with features that just might turn the device from a nice-to-have into a must-have. If you already own an Apple Watch, you'll have to live with the old software until fall. You’ll love it at the first use.

How the watch is made?

Watch has an anodized aluminum case (which is lighter than stainless steel) in silver or space gray, and the face is Ion-X glass, which also designed to be hard and rugged (as well as a little bit lighter) than the sapphire. It’s definitely the lightest of the three Apple Watch editions, making it an ideal exercise companion.

Can I swap out the watch band?

Absolutely. Watch comes with six bands that are easy to mix and match any band with any watch. You can swap them out as your heart desires without the aid of any tools—as long as the band and watch are the same size. (The Leather Loop band, for example, only fits 42mm watches, not the smaller 38mm size.)

So it’s a watch and a fitness tracker?

The accelerometer lets the watch count your steps, and it extrapolate distance on its own, or rely on the GPS in the paired Phone to trace your exact route. That step data comes in handy for two of the apps included on the watch: Activity and Workout. Both of the watch’s fitness apps sync data back to the Health and Fitness apps on your Phone.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the watch. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials



Vibration silent alarms



Activity tracking


Battery power



We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

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H. Aman Ullah

Co-Founder and CEO

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Rehan Khan

Super Visor

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Fateh Ullah

Lead Developer, Hacker

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M. Imran

3D Designer & Prototyper


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

23 JAN 2014

Mass Production

23 JAN 2014

Testing Pre-Production Samples

23 JAN 2014

Croudfunding Campaign

And an optional description. You may add little description of your milestone if you want.

Preview at CES

23 JAN 2014

23 JAN 2014

3D Prototype & Testing

23 JAN 2014

Research and Development


Mobile App for watch

The smartwatch connects to your iPhone and other iOS devices using Bluetooth, alerting you to incoming calls, emails, messages and alerts. Customize your with over 1,000 watchapps found within the smartwatch app.

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